How to stop being a lazy trash?


You need to learn how to love, man, not just reward.
Working towards a goal of size is like walking from one place to another. Some people trudge on what happens when they reach their destination, and the whole person walks in despair. “I can’t wait to go there… “They said. This kind of thinking interrupts your motivation, makes you dislike your goals, and leads to your loss of knowledge. You start questioning whether it’s worth walking to that place, and you can even convince yourself that it’s easier to go back.
Others, however, know that they are moving towards something, but let themselves enjoy the walk itself. They listened to music, drank coffee and took pictures instead of staring at their feet, and they looked up to find the next little joy that would stop them walking on the frozen ground. “I will eventually get there,” they said. They will be.
It’s not that some people have more motivation than others, like it’s a resource bottle in our brains. Your juice doesn’t change at birth. This is because they know that motivation is something you nurture, and once you have it, you care about it. Whether you’re at school, at work, or trying to find a vacuum cleaner, finding a way to love the process is key.
This is about kyle’s journey, not the destination. Always.
If in doubt, follow the Nike rule: do it. I told myself to stop being so lazy and try to make my existence worthwhile. I suggest you do so. But you have to give it up for trying, and no one else can do it for you.
My best friend from childhood (we are the honorary level friends of each other’s girlfriends) has just moved into my city and we are living in the same place for the first time in ten years. The problem is that her husband and my husband hate each other. Like, the girl and I on the two bodies are basically the same, but our husband is different, they almost can’t in the same room together into super heated debate (unfortunately, it is necessary to share their main personality trait).
I’ve given up hope of being a friend, but how can I get them to stop fighting like cats and dogs? It hurts me and my friends and sees the men we love hate each other.

Don’t worry.
Hey mo:
If you’re both married to a 12 year old boy in a grown man, you’re all alike! The simple solution here is to let each of you tell your husband whether this will have a negative effect on you. Not at the same time, but in private. Go all out to explain how it makes you feel.
Tell him he doesn’t have to like it or like another person, but he needs to understand and accept the fact that you will spend time with them. If he CARES about making you happy, he must find a way to adapt. Don’t give him a choice in this matter. If he wants to act like a child, you need to be an authority figure.
In addition, I think you have several options:
Let them go out together without you and your friends. Their male chauvinism “is always right” may be a way of putting you in front of you. Or at least it can be magnified by the scene. If they are alone, they may find a way to match each other’s wavelength and at least keep the debate cool. Maybe they can free it all out of their system so that when you go out to play, they turn it off. Or maybe they’ll kill each other, you two can go out and get married…
No, they left. Seriously, screw those guys. I know people like double dating scenes, but damn it, go play. Let those guys sit at home alone, making them feel like the “just” people in the room.
Either way, mo, you need to put your feet here. Don’t let some lighthearted bastards let you finally get the time you have with your best friend. They need to overcome it and grow hell.


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