100 Rep challenge


This is what you want to know… Try to make your body and brain resilient. Victory is not the end, but the need to persevere. It’s really a six-week challenge. You’ll have two weeks of barbell weights every week, 100 repetitions in two weeks, plus two weeks of sled thrust. 100 represents exercise including upper body and lower body day. Repeat the exercise 100 times each time, then continue to exercise. For the benefit, you will practice twice a week. There may be 3 groups of 5 repeats in the first two weeks; The fourth and third weeks may be three groups of three repetitions; The first two weeks might be 5/3/1. For air conditioning, you can use a booster, medium pressure device, or light weight at 40 yards. The challenge may seem useless, but it is worth noting that it takes the difficult route out of the way, fighting like crazy and hitting the final destination. However, many men and women shook their heads at those seeking the struggle and asked why anyone would submit to these “trivial” items. They missed it. The work and perseverance needed to achieve the goal is what really counts. These things make the body and brain hard. They instruct you to solve problems and to fight through physical and psychological pain. Challenges also provide you with opportunities to check your limits. How far are you going? More importantly, these struggles will tell us anything if they are challenging enough. I don’t believe that one day I will grow wings and fly, but sometimes looks too high once obstacles to overcome, I can use these “trivial” to build a power struggle. The challenge for this 100-person performance challenge is simple: complete all the training given below. Not a representative or a missed day. It’s not training to “raise your bench 30 pounds in a few weeks!” “Or” put your arms half an inch in exercise!” We are training hard work, emotional toughness and professional ethics. This exercise is not haphazardly assembled on a napkin. I have a unified power function, a conditioning function and a hypertrophy function that allows you to target each area within a six-week interval. Throughout my recovery and in recent years, I have used many 100-rep exercises. But it is only when Paul Carter and I take this opportunity to brainstorm that they are integrated into the right training programs to bring them together. The 100-rep challenge is unique. You will receive power on a heavy barbell lift, and from Prowler propulsion and 100-rep operations, as well as hypertrophy in 100-rep work. Predict and adopt it. It’s only six months, there’s almost no life, and there’s something you need to do yourself. This is not the time to reduce stretching, sleep or free function. Now is not the time to “cut”. Cutting is the real person who doesn’t have the right place to eat most of the time. This will give you plenty of food. It will let you learn to retrieve. Even if 100 represents a very good hypertrophy – you’ll dig out a representative variety that never ventured into it. In addition, it is very suitable for strengthening your joints and will provide you with a crazy pump. (yes, I did!) Your system will change within six months – your own weapons, traps and hamstrings may increase, and your elimination will increase. Only two days are dedicated for durability, two weeks for air conditioning and 2 days for hyperplasty. The following exercise will be used only for your 100-rep work. It’s not complicated. There’s only 1 set of 100 delegates. There are only three exercises every day. Trust me, this will be all you need. Don’t feel pressured to include more exercise; Execute as required. If you think some of the weight is too heavy for your current degree, do less. The list of weights is what most people with five or more years of guidance can handle. They are not simple, but they are possible. If you have any doubt, please stop doubting. You have to expect more of yourself. Please use the complete motion selection before the front panel, which is before your mind. With this choice of movement, the upper body and back tax rates are greatly increased. Barbell curls 3. Karwoski RowsThis is similar to a shrug/vertical hybrid. Hold a heavy barbell, then shrug, and knead it into a navel. Hold for one second at the top

and repeat. Don’t use straps.Weight: 135 pounds (a barbell and two 45-pound plates) that can be done through the front leg and the back foot. Use weight: weight. Complete all duplications of one side before shifting. You do 100 full repetitions – 50 repetitions for each leg. The hamstring curls to the floor or the seat. Do your arms exactly at the same time. Weight: an ankle weight of 10 to 20 cm. Sit-Ups100 Rep Notes you can completely replace some of the other exercises you want, but I can only approve the exercises that were listed before. There are several reasons for these choices, especially in target vulnerabilities, people crave and need to increase the target area, 100 times repeatedly, and the simplicity of freedom and become better very simple challenge. However, it’s possible to take a break from the 100 teams, you can’t put down the bar, and during that time you can’t make exercising “simpler” (i.e., lying down by crunches during the break). If you have doubts about the remaining questions, you may be doing the wrong thing. At the top of the front board lift, retract your ruler and shoe. Use weapons as directly as possible. Your species may find chaos; This is something to look forward to. However, you should try to maintain some integrity throughout the process. Weight is so light that you won’t get hurt, but the purpose of exercise is to consume and calm your muscles, not just to be accepted. You will suffer – predict it. You can rest as much as you can between exercises. Don’t attract stopwatches – we’re in weight space, not classes. You need to figure out how to relax in these places – don’t focus on pain. You need to learn how to get out of the facts. I usually do the initial 50-60 repetitions without quitting, take a short break and inhale (not actually), then knock out 10 copies. This makes it easier to manage emotions. In addition, if you have someone to calculate the number of repetitions for you, it will be quite helpful. As your brain starts to get rid of your worries, you will always eliminate the count. * 5/3/1 place and repeat * 5/3/1 place and repeat * 5/3/1 place and repeat * * you pick up the burden of lifting notes this is a six-week application; Ascension will be performed twice a week. Since only two exercises are completed each week, you only need to complete a 5/3/1 cycle in six weeks. It’s very simple. The first two weeks may be three groups of five repeats, and the fourth and third weeks may be three sets of three repeats, and the last two weeks will be 5/3/1. If you replace it, it is no longer an application. The bench press and the media “five sets of 10 repetitions” have completed about 50% of the Coaching Max. This is just a baseline change that can be changed. The main problem is to push yourself and find the necessary representatives. Lifting the leg lifts can be done by bending the knee or the straight leg (or both). It is recommended that you push forward the previous set of challenge 5/3/1 series – this is your choice and how you feel today. I would argue that pushing the series is challenging, but repeatedly “coming from the tank” 2-3 times. Six months on Wednesday and Saturday, 40 yards Prowler. Walk on Prowler. Slower work will allow you to take full action and strengthen your thighs. There is no interval, because it doesn’t matter. Get a job – this is to get stronger legs. The regulation will naturally increase. Choose three weights for Prowler: heavy, medium and mild. I use this weight: weight = 270 pounds, medium = 180 pounds, mild = 90 pounds. Adjust the weight to fit your strength and push the Prowler’s surface. Do two Tours of 40 yards each Wednesday: light, medium and heavy. In my case, I would have done two 40 yards down 90 pounds, two 40 yards down 180 pounds, and two 40 yards down 270 pounds. All six 40-yard short trips on Saturday may be done with a modest weight. As an example, I’m going to do six 40-yard walks with 180 pounds of people. There’s no break time, because it doesn’t matter. Get a job – this is to be a stronger leg. Conditions will change. If you’re not sure about the challenge, then spend another four months organizing some of the 100 delegates to your current training to determine if you’re fair. This will give you the chance to get used to breathing and soreness. But you should believe you’re ready to jump in. Don’t be simple fur. When you create a commitment, choose 36 sterile newspapers. In each paper, write down each exercise. So each exercise has its own page. Write down your daily exercises. Write it out. Don’t type it. Writing it provides personal meaning and authenticity; This is specific. It becomes a fact. Find a small three-ring binder and place the pages in it. Put your phone in your car or gym today – that’s all you want. Leave a zone in one area of the base to make notes. Then write down everything you’ve eaten, how much you’ve actually slept, and what you’ve done to increase your search for another semester. Be proactive in most areas.


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