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You crush your goals, your New Year’s resolution is now a part of your life – the results have begun to show lost inches or increased inches. Then you bend or twist and do something simple, it happens. You’ll find yourself thinking: “I’m too healthy/strong/active, unable to tie my shoes, zip to the middle of my back, check my shoulders for the oncoming traffic… “.
Whether at the gym, at home or in the office, mobility is the secret to exercising and preventing harm. Fitness celebrities and sports expert Jill miller has developed a series of action sequences, head to toe activities to help you stay on track, don’t hurt, and with your efforts, strength weakening.
Sit, knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Put your feet together so that the bones on the inside of your ankle touch and wrap around them with a cord or band.
Place your feet below the bottom and bend them to curl your toes and place them on the heel.
Lift your knees and point your toes to the distance, leaving your toes on the floor and sitting on your heels.
Get up and curl your toes; Sit on your heel and try to push the mat out with your toes.
Get up and point out your toes; Sit on your feet and expand your toes. Press the nail bed into the floor.
Slide your feet out of your feet, open your feet, and walk barefoot – you’ll feel different.
Stand with your feet apart.
Place your right knee in the back and place it behind your left knee.

Squat as much as you can and slide your calf muscles to one side. Stand up, switch sides and repeat.
If you need to modify the pressure or balance, place your hands on the wall or sit in a chair and move through your knees.
Start sitting with your knees bent, the outside of your left leg on the floor, and your tibia in front of your hips, and the inside of your right leg resting on the floor, and your right tibia outside your right hip. This starting position spins your left hip outward, and your right hip is rotated inward.
Hook your core, lift your knees (keep your feet on the floor) and turn right. Then turn to your left.
Keep your spine neutral. If you need to modify the motion to get a better range of motion, keep your front foot slightly away from the body.
Lie on the floor with your arms extended to your sides, your head turning and your left cheek on the floor.
Bend your right knee and turn your hips slightly to the right, then reach your right foot and let your right toe touch the floor behind your left hip. Keep your shoulders and chest pressed against the floor.
Return to start and repeat in the opposite direction.
Stand with your hands on your sides and palms forward.
Put your wrists and elbows together in front of your body, and keep your forearms together, bend your arms, and raise your arms to keep your hands on your head.
When your hand passes through your head, rotate your wrist, then open your arm to track a circle and return to the starting position.


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