News From 2055: Gene Therapy Went Wrong? Mother Dies After Fetus Breaks Out Of Womb


After the death of Petra Cotlino, 26, New York police confirmed that the woman was bleeding from her womb as her 6-month-old fetus burst from the womb.
At the New York tennis club, she was participating in a tennis match when she fell ill suddenly, on August 14, 2055. Witnesses called terrible scenes. They describe that when blood fell to the ground, the polluter had fallen to the ground screaming and clutching her stomach. Some witnesses even said they saw a small hand sticking out of her stomach; but this has not been confirmed by medical staff. Polluters are sent to hospitals urgently, where they have to perform emergency caesarian operations. But it was already too late, and the doctors could not save her. That night she was declared dead at the hospital.

Superbaby with super-strength

Cedar Lee, of the New York Hospital, told a news conference on Tuesday that the baby is in stable condition, but due to some unusual findings, the next few months will require close follow-up. “I can confirm that Petra’s contamination was caused by the bleeding of her own baby who left the womb from the abdominal wall.” At least, this is a very unusual situation. We have never seen this before. The size and weight of a baby are fully developed infants, which is considerably larger than the one you see in a 6-month gestation. Only muscle and connective tissue larger, and organ hypoplasia. She explains: “It appears that enhanced muscle tissue provides the baby with some super strength.”

As to what may be the cause, Dr. Lee did not have a clear explanation. She added: “We can not answer why we are likely to cause such a superpower, but in the coming weeks we will investigate this further.”

GATOO to blame?

An anonymous source reported that contamination has been involved in the controversial gatoo project (the best offspring of gene amplification therapy). The private-company, headquartered in the United States, offers services to design the best offspring by altering germline genes. Participants can select a range of gene codes, including height, IQ, music, hair, eye and skin color, and the type and intensity of muscle tissue.

According to informed sources, contaminants have increased genes in the latest updated map of healthy genes in her pregnancy. FG-profile involves the genes ACTN3 and ACTN1, which are associated with skeletal muscle fiber structure and function, ACE I gene, encoding encoding angiotensin-converting enzyme, type D, PEX14, TGFA and SYT1. These are involved in the exchange of muscle cells and the nervous system. It is reported that the latest FG-profile also involves a seventh gene, the so-called FST, follistatin, which has not been tested in humans but has shown extreme muscular growth in mice.

The Future Times has contacted GATOO, but the company declined to comment on the matter.

We’ve seen it before: complications due to gene therapies

In a January report, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that about 20% of GATOO embryos spontaneously abort; while the other 10% have some form of unwanted genetic complications.

The previously reported treatment complications were muscular dystrophy, a failure in fg-synopsis and severe schizophrenia due to iq-intensive treatment. Of course, there is a notorious case of Green Fort. In May, the “Future Times” reported that the Greenberg family sued GATOO when it discovered that her daughter was suffering from a serious sun-endure after receiving an enhanced skin color.

Gene-modified winners?

However, there are several successful gene amplification therapies. These people are often referred to as “add.” Take a look at Charles Roes, 15, the former World Chess Champion or Martha Groebel who set a record 400 meters at last year’s youth Olympics Sprint world record – only 9 years old at the time. Because GATOO’s privacy policy does not require a public name, it is speculated that some top athletes may actually have been the target of such treatment.

After Groebel’s record-breaking operations, some sports organizations have called for a new law requiring GATOO to publish a list of additional names. Bolt’s Weibo boasted anger as Daan Fleimgat shattered previous Olympic record holder Usain Bolt’s 100-meter sprint at the 2052 Olympics because of his less complex accusation of GATOO:
In his new record, Daan’s honor. “Sir and Mrs. Fleimgatoo must give him the best genetic material …”

International Olympic Committee President Asta Bloom said at a press conference last week that “the Olympic Committee understands the moral and practical issues that allow athletes to participate in the Olympics and non-increase programs.”

When asked about the future, she added: “It is a matter of moral fairness for the Commission to discuss whether to participate in the Olympics during next Olympic Games in the coming months.”


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