9 Resistance Band Exercises You Can Do Literally Anywhere


Band Band Rock! Resistance Bands are a great complement to any Strength Training routine or rehabilitation program, and come in a variety of sizes, lengths and intensities. This lightweight exercise equipment is also easy to store, suitable for home use, hotel workout, or when you have tight spaces in the gym. Like free weights, sports belts also have a range of resistance levels, stretching from high to heavy.

The most common band includes the tube with a handle band, ring (also known as giant rubber band) and treatment band. (When in doubt, fitness experts can help you determine which band is right for you, depending on your fitness level and your workout schedule.) For most exercises, try each exercise two to three times Exercise. Do not miss the sample training we presented at the end. Prepare, set, streeetch!

Lower-Body Exercises

1. Squat in front

When standing, feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Take one handle for each hand and place the top of the strap on each shoulder. (If it’s too long, tie it across your chest with your arms and fasten it to your chest.) Sit up, chest up, firm abs and press knees on toes. Rise to the starting position, repeat 8 to 12 times.

2. Leg extension

Kicked a level quad-builder. Anchor a loop band at a lower level of support (such as a ramp bench), looping around with the other side of the band orbiting your ankle. One step away from the anchor to create a band of tension, and the location of hip with paragraph. Transfer your weight to your left foot and raise your right leg from the ground. Expand the knee until it straightens in front of you. Slowly back to the starting position, repeat 8 to 12 before the leg change.

3 shows. (Lying) legs curly

Lie the stomach, loop a band around your right ankle, anchor another door or support. Sick away from the anchor to create tension. Tighten your core, your knees curving your legs and leaving your heels as easy as you can toward your gluteus maximus. Slowly your legs back to the starting position, repeat 10 to 15 sets, then switch positions.

4 shows. Glute bridge

Greet the hips! Tie your leg to your knees. Lie down, feet on the floor, knees bent at 90 degrees. Raise your hips until your shoulders, buttocks and knees are neatly lined and contract your hips throughout the exercise. Do 15 to 20 times.

5. Stabilize the station

Hold an annulus at the ankle height, supporting and standing on your left side facing the brace, wrapping the free end around your right ankle (outside). Stand and band vertical, away from support, to create some tension (of course, is good). From a wide position, enter a quarter-squat or a sporty position and then sweep your working ankle over your body over your standing leg and squeeze your thigh together. Slowly back to the starting position, repeated 12-15 times before changing the edge.

6. Flip the palm up

Wrap a strap around your knees. Supine, buttocks and knees bent at 90 degrees. Shrink your gluteus muscle for 2 to 3 seconds. Slowly return to the starting position, repeat, aimed at 10 to 12 representatives.

7. Plantar flexion (ankle flexion)

Remove the burden for this one. Fix a ring or band around an anchor (such as a coffee table or chair leg), then straighten one leg and wrap the other end around your foot. Tilt back, hold your weight with your hand and bend your foot forward until your lower leg feels very stretchy. In a controlled exercise, lift your toes up and bend them to your knees in a comfortable place. Slowly back to the starting position, 10 to 12 times on each side.

8. Lateral Band Walk

Don’t sidestep these side steps! Step into a loop band or tie a therapy band around the lower legs, just above both ankles. Place feet shoulder-width apart to create tension on the band. From a half-squat position, shift your weight to the left side, stepping sideways with the right leg. Move the standing leg slightly in, but keep the band taut. Take 8 to 10 steps before heading back the other way.

9. Standing Abduction

This one’s a bit of a balancing act. Anchor your loop band at ankle height, and stand with your left side toward the anchor. Attach the free end to your outside ankle and step out to create tension on the band. Move your supporting leg back so your foot is elevated from the floor, lift your working leg up, slowly bringing your looped foot out to the side, contracting your outer glutes. If you feel wobbly, grab a support (like the wall or the back of a chair). Lower back down to starting position and repeat for 15 to 20 reps on each side.


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