“Perspective plan” lets people struggle with mental health and express themselves through art.


“Perspective plan” lets people struggle with mental health and express themselves through art.

The ability to express oneself is powerful.

When you’re struggling with your mental health, just talk about it and you can lose a lot of weight. Feeling is everything. Share your experience and let others say, ‘hey, I think it’s big too. But not everyone has a way to express it. When a mental illness takes over, you feel isolated, closed, and limited access to speak and connect with people. Perspective plans are trying to help – by providing an artistic outlet for those who need it to explore the challenges they face. This is an online platform that encourages everyone to share their views, whether through painting, poetry, stories or other content that can be submitted online. The project, launched by 24-year-old Mark Anscombe, directly knows how to share his feelings. “From the time I left school, it became increasingly clear that mental health was a devastating problem,” mark told metro.co.uk. “My two sixth-grade classmates disappeared from mental health problems in a short period of time. Mental health problems such as depression and anxiety were becoming more common among friends and family. “Over the past year, I have had my own depression, which has further motivated me to join the fight against mental health stigma. “Depression is not a definition of me, it’s just a part of my life. Like any other powerful, but normal experience is managed, understood, and handled.

In the “volunteer service night line”, I see the value people find in expressing their feelings and thoughts, and get affirmation and support from them. The idea of a perspective plan comes from this. “A lot of people express themselves in art, writing and poetry, externalizing their inner thoughts and feelings, whether it’s brilliant, melancholic or traumatic. Art is the ultimate expression of emotion. “Creating and sharing their art is an exciting experience for many of our artists and we want our project to provide them with a treatment and support channel. The way it works is simple. Perspective projects are always open for submission, whether named or anonymous (many people feel more comfortable and share it with others on the site).

The project is in contact with community art projects and mental health organizations, for those struggling to express themselves creatively, but anyone can participate. Mark tells us that so far, we have worked with more than 60 artists and poets from the United States, Britain, Canada and Australia. “Many of our artists have never share their work with anyone, either because of a lack of confidence, or worry about them and mental health were humiliated and abuse. “When our artists open up and share their work, especially for the first time, it is very humble. “Most of the works that we have received are very good in art, and because of themes, content and artists’ stories. “Many people associate art and poetry with unique strengths and emotions. “My hope is that our project is to provide our artists and poets of the treatment way, hit the public stigma caused by misunderstanding at the same time, also can’t really understand the people who suffer from mental health problems. The project, one of the most popular artists prefer was identified as Sally, she said, to participate in and submit her work makes great changes have taken place in her mental health, helped her to connect with others realized that she wasn’t alone. “When I was very low in my life, I found a perspective plan,” says Sally.


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