Unhealthy food Avoid food Do not eat


If you are what you eat, and you want to be healthy, then what is not to eat food? How do you know what to avoid?

Step # 1 just realized that there really is unhealthy food – they are killers!

Some people are convinced that “you should not deny yourself,” “everything is modest,” but the truth is that unhealthy food can be avoided if you want to be healthy. The problem is that most foods do not eat too good!

So what do not like food do not eat? this is very simple. Unhealthy foods avoided on this list have been shown to be the main risk factor:

Alzheimer’s disease,
Some cancers,
? And heart disease.

Do not eat unhealthy food to avoid food list
This list of non-eating foods has been classified as a food category. You should try to avoid these unhealthy foods.

Refined sugar: In addition to sugar and sugar, but also always pay attention to sugar. Learn many different sugar names and check all packaging, canned and processed foods such as cereals, prepared meats, bakeries, jams and more.
Cereal products: Avoid refined cereals. These include most breads, cookies, pasta and breakfast cereal. Cakes, pie, donuts, biscuits, croissants, waffles and all pastries and dim sum, such as chips, most snack mixes and butter popcorn, can also be eliminated.
Fat and Fat: Limit saturated fats and refined vegetable oils. Eliminate foods with trans fats and other bad fats. This includes margarine, lard, or partially hydrogenated oils found in biscuits, cakes, pastries, donuts, chips, fried foods, candies and most chocolate.

Meat, poultry and fish – Eliminate saturated fats and other meats with high fat content – Ribs, bacon, sausages, hot dogs, pepperoni, salami, Bologna and other packaged meats and most hamburgers . Also avoid fried fish, meat and poultry, and poultry skin.
Dairy products and eggs: Cut cream and any cream products such as whole cream cheese, sour cream, butter sauce, cream and ice cream. Limit the use of butter, egg and whole cheese, and eliminate whole milk, 2% fat reduced milk and whole fat yogurt.
Beans, nuts and seeds: Keep away from any bean soup or pepper containing sausage, bacon, ham or other high fat meats. Also avoid all the salted nuts and seeds, as well as baking in oil.
Fruits and vegetables: Eliminates fried vegetables and fruits, vegetables, butter, cheese or cream sauce and fruit cream or whipped cream. Also avoid fruit drinks and juices. A cup of juice without fiber, up to 10 teaspoons of high blood sugar.
Excess Salt: The average salt consumption in the United States is 10-15 grams per day. The National Academy of Sciences recommends 3-8 grams. Reduce salt intake by half, limit salt, avoid crisps, nuts and popcorn, and most prepared canned and packaged foods.
Liquids: Avoid all soda, milkshakes, fruit juices and fruit drinks and greatly limit or eliminate caffeine and alcoholic beverages.
Your body is an amazing machine with a very systematic network running inside you. Healthy foods provide the necessary nutritional fuel to keep you running smoothly and prevent malfunctions.

When you know what unhealthy foods to avoid, start today to replace food Do not eat the best food to eat healthy.


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