He is overweight and fights for his own life. Now he is training Victoria’s secret model


Hours before Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, La Stefano models Lais Ribeiro, Jasmine Tookes and Josephine Skriver ran their wings to the runway before their final squat and boxing class. Who do they trust in them? Kirk Myers, a celebrity coach in New York, conducted a 15-hour flight around the world.

Zuri Tibby, Victoria’s secret model, said: “Kirk’s job was really tough and he trained with Myers.” He was one of the best people I knew and he really inspired people. “

But 17 years ago, before he was the country’s most needed trainer, Myers weighed over 300 pounds and was fighting for his life in the ICU. This is how he changed his life – and use his experience to develop some of the most suitable people in the world.
His life-long struggling weight first came to prominence in high school.
As long as Miles remembered, he was overweight. When he grows up, his bad habits are eating junk food like Oreos cookies and dough and drinking two gallons of chocolate milk a week, which is his addictive character.

Myers uses her weight to solve the problem on the nose of his high school football team. Although he was not bullied, he realized his seniority and his weight was a problem. He said: “I tried to find prom dresses, but because I was between 315 and 320 pounds, it was hard to find the right clothes,” he said. “This memory is really outstanding.

In college, his health reached its lowest point.

At age 21, Myers sleeps nearly 18 hours a day, with unusually low energy. “I thought I had mono,” he said. His stepmother, desperate for answers, took him to his primary school in Missouri and took him to a hospital where he spent 11 days. The doctor diagnosed with Myers congestive heart failure – a chronic disease, the heart can not be normal blood. “I think,” Well, I have a chance to make that happen, “Myers said, and he decided to do even more by observing his sodium intake and putting more vegetables in his diet He obeys food discipline and says: “I was forced to change my way of life.

A man named Rick Carter owned a gym in Kansas City, Missouri, and brought Myers to his side to teach him how to weight and eat properly. He said: “It took me about six months to take care of myself and focus on losing weight.” [Rick] is concerned with me a lot, he just likes me. ”

Weight loss inspired him to turn on KirkMyers fitness.
Myers began walking and training two body parts daily in the gym. “I’m going to do more full-time exercises weekly and work out four or five times a week to lose weight and strengthen my heart.” He also set a short-term weight loss goal that eventually helped him reach his ultimate weight loss goal .
Within a few months Myers said he lost 10 pounds, then 20, then 40, and reached an important milestone when he lost a total of 80 pounds. Myers said at this point that his friends began to notice his new body and asked him to provide fitness advice. He said: “At that time, I realized I wanted to be a coach.

Myers lost 130 pounds and lost 170 pounds in weight over the next few years. “It reinforces my confidence so I know that’s what I want,” he said. Business is booming, as is Myers’s bank account. He is more than six in KirkMyers Fitness in Kansas City.

However, his claim to being an addictive person to a young man in his 20s proves to be catastrophic.


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