3 fitness experts on their New Year’s resolutions, for a healthier 2018


Fitness professionals want to be better and healthier versions of themselves, just like you. They are just a few steps ahead and can easily boot into the gym. But that does not mean you can not get inspiration from their efforts. To lock your New Year’s resolution, three professional trainers will set their own 2018 goals, how they plan to achieve their goals, and their advice to anyone who has no hard abdomen and six minutes of miles.
His resolution: After the holidays, back to normal condition. One day, if you’re off track, eating granny apple pie does not completely upset your fitness goals. I let myself do a few days – go to a holiday party and eat whatever I want – but back to my diet track and stay fit.

What did he do during the first week: I was more dense than I was. I will break up some excess carbohydrates in the past week or holidays and then return to the super-healthy and downsizing way. My fitness habits more stringent than the first week, a little more aerobic exercise can eliminate some excess physical strength.
His biggest challenge is: I feel it is hard to find time to drive in a few days. But think of your ultimate goal – not going to the gym would not help. So, as long as you force yourself, you do not want to do that even on weary days. You always feel better later.

His tip: For those who have never tried group fitness or because of the motivation for going to the gym, I might say trying to attend class may be something I do not want to say “change my life,” but maybe just a change Fitness day to day. It will be more fun, time flies, and then you do not mind being there, instead of going to the gym, standing on your own counting delegate.
Her resolution: Every year I will consider the resolution, and always concerned about rest, regeneration and sleep. I think maintaining an in vitro health perspective, such as maintaining a balanced diet and focusing on mental health, is a huge aspect that is often pushed aside.

This means: You can lift some very heavy weights in the gym, which may be one of your goals – build strength, get stronger and get more muscle. However, if you do not eat properly, your muscles will not be properly repaired, and you will not really see those “gains.” The same thing with rest. If you are not sleeping enough, your body will not have time to repair itself, and you will not see your body in the way you want it to be.

What does she get started: Before I go to bed, I’m on my cellphone and before I go to bed on the Internet, I’m definitely not good. I think setting goals is very important, so I shut down my phone one hour before going to bed or put it in a “do not disturb” position.
Her biggest challenge: Time is the biggest struggle, but there are ways to solve the problem. If I want to cook or take the time to write down the to-do list, organize as much as possible. I have to prepare some programs for incoming clients, so maybe that means doing all the exercise programs on Sunday nights so I know what to expect from this week so I do not have to rush or stress these little things.

Her tips: Do not be discouraged on the day off. When it comes to finding the best way to workout, there are many moves, not just exercises in the gym. This is sleep, nutrition. And if we chat in the gym, even if the body gets there, it’s only an hour and a half with aerobics or light. People who use the gym working there. People just want to help.
Her resolution: Since activity is an important part of my daily routine, my resolution focuses on my health from another perspective: less caffeine and less technical time. How many of us can not live without caffeine or find ourselves in a black hole in social media, and before we knew it was 2am, we were watching a cat’s BuzzFeed video. why?

How she did it: My determination is to tap into other sources of energy and to line up for coffee by limiting the boring or customary scrolls we’re doing in the elevator, making better use of my “time with technology” , Even when we were at the dining table. Instead of holding my cellphone or coffee in place of a continuous stimulus in less intense forms like meditation or diary, I’ve always liked matcha, and now it is my first choice, not the second cup of the day.

Her biggest challenge: Breaking bad habits and finding the balance will always be the biggest challenge. Cutting any cold turkey or starting anything hard is hard. First you do not run all 26.2 miles of marathons and train one mile at a time.

Her tip for you: Find something that is important to you. Of course, running a marathon is a great goal, but being a charity that is important to you increases your motivation. Make a plan and record it, add a reminder to the calendar, book an exercise in advance. Then invest. When we pay in advance, we usually do not want to waste it.


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