What is the focus of exercise after age 40?


When our bodies are suddenly unable to do what they have done, we are at a certain point. Whether it’s in the bedroom, in the gym, or recovering from the bar, the ultimate relentless march is all about us. But should we expect more from our aging selves?
I played volleyball the last day. I don’t remember when that was — a couple of summers ago? – because I didn’t know it was the last time I played volleyball. I jumped up and rushed into the grass, and I might feel sore afterwards, but I was sure there was one thing I thought it was that day: it was funny. I can’t wait to do it again, and because I’m invincible, I’ll definitely do it. And I’ve never done that before.
There are all kinds of last days – for example, most people may not know when their gender day arrives, but it’s sure to come, which is pathetic, but it’s inevitable. Although I would like to play volleyball again, this thought makes me suffer back pain, and I just know that it might make me lie on the couch for a few days. Damn.
Shortly after moving to Los Angeles in my early thirties, I decided to take my first triathlon. I needed something new, a decade in New York City, and suddenly SoCal’s healthy lifestyle felt achievable. I registered the Wildflower Triathlon in San Luis Obispo, one of the most popular and challenging endurance events this year. This is a life-changing person. I was a person who was not able to do it in January, disciplined and disciplined, and I was a person in May. I crossed the finish line with happy tears, the pressure on me – I’ll never forget – Augusta’s “Boston” PA explosion. I swear to do this year and year. I ran marathons, half-marathons, 10Ks, all the fun runs. By all means, I have become a symbol of these things.
For the past two years, I haven’t been able to do triathlons, because of the drought in California, where the lake that used to swim has disappeared. Disappeared. The last one I made three years ago, they moved the swim to another lake, so to get to your bike, you had to run two miles – literally, through the lake. You can’t even do that in the last few years. Because there is no lake, triathlon is cancelled.

Since then, I’ve hit around forty-five. If I want to run more than four miles, I have to wear these things to prevent my knees from scratching my shin. If I want to travel long distances, I must bring fruit snacks so that I can not faint. I haven’t had a beer in my hand since 2015. (Michelob Ultra, obviously) I have to think about triathlon which is probably my past.
We’re talking about it now, because I just heard that last winter’s rainfall was enough to bring the lake back to this spring. The triathlon will be back in 2018. The training of a 46-year-old man will be a completely different beast, not 32. I will have to invest in a MedicAlert necklace and possibly train my dog to be a service animal.
But I have to. For?
I don’t know if you should, or even should. Yes, of course, there are all kinds of people can keep active, athletic ability to reach their 50 s and 60 s, this I believe we are very much looking forward to, but the triathlon and other public and fitness performance has never appealed to me personally – no one wants to be a marathon guy. Everyone’s brain is different.
I wrote his compulsive movement in the summer here, since then, I heard dozens of similar things, or chord with the people, this is great. Although I can’t say that I’ve “cured”, or I’ve been through so many days, I can say that I’ve taken some days off! It was not because I had an Epiphany or something, but because I had to. Now for a few days, when I am subjected to repeated injuries too much pain, do anything. For example, I recently went out to dinner after a rehearsal for the band, and after a few hours of screaming and singing, I started coughing like a pizza. I was trying to get out of my body. It’s really scary, and it’s weird, it’s awkward. I think I now have to add singing and coughing to the list of things I will no longer be able to do safely. What the hell?
But my point is that you should do triathlons, but only you can.
Maybe it’s a little different from you, because you live in Los Angeles, but are your age friends still active?


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