Fitness experts have a New Year’s resolution for them to be healthier in 2018


Fitness experts want to be a better, healthier version of themselves, just like you. They are just a few steps ahead and can easily access the gym. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get inspiration from their efforts. To lock your New Year’s resolutions, three professional trainers will their 2018 goals, how they plan to achieve their goals, and they are not for those hard abs and six minutes miles of people’s advice.
His resolution: return to normal after the holidays. One day, if you’re off track, eating grandma’s apple pie won’t completely disrupt your fitness goals. I made myself a few days – going to a holiday party, eating anything I wanted – but going back to my diet and keeping track of my health.
What he did in the first week: I am more intensive than I am. I would break down some of the excess carbs in the past week or holiday and go back to eating super healthy and slimming. My fitness habit is a little bit stricter than the first week, and a little more aerobic exercise can eliminate some of the excess energy.
His biggest challenge: I think it’s hard to find the time to drive after a few days. But think about your ultimate goal – not going to the gym is not going to help. So just force yourself to do it, even on a tired day. You’ll always feel better afterwards.

He gave you the prompt: for those who never try group fitness, or motivated by going to the gym in trouble, I would say to try a class may be I don’t want to say “change life”, but maybe it’s just a change fitness routine day. It’s more fun, time flies, and you don’t mind going to the gym, standing on your counter.
Her resolution: because being active is an important part of my daily work, my resolution looks at my health from another perspective: less caffeine and less tech time. How many of us can’t go without caffeine, or find ourselves in a black hole in social media, and before we know it, it’s 2 a.m., and we’re looking at BuzzFeed cat’s video. Why is that?
She is how to do, my determination is to dig the other energy sources, by limiting we find yourself in an elevator is doing boring or habitual rolling, better use of my time “” and science and technology, waiting for the coffee, even when we are at the table. Use less drastic forms, such as meditation or diary, instead of immediately taking up my phone or coffee to replace the constant stimulation. I’ve always liked matcha, and now I think of it as my first choice, rather than the second of the day.
Her biggest challenge: breaking bad habits and finding a balance will always be the biggest challenge. Cutting any cold Turkey or starting anything is hard. First, you don’t run all 26.2 miles of marathons, one mile at a time.
She gives you a hint: find something that means something to you. Of course, running a marathon is a great goal, but being a charitable activity that is important to you will increase motivation. Make plans and record them, add reminders in your calendar, and make appointments in advance. Then, invest. When we pay early, we usually don’t want to waste it.


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