You can do anything with quick aerobics


The simplest way to compress an excuse for avoiding exercise? Find a program that requires zero equipment, and at one (power and aerobic exercise), knock out two training techniques, and perhaps most importantly, make it very interesting. Check out all three of these quick and only bodyweight exercises, from the daily burning of the DB10 program. By moving up and down, you will work in a new and exciting way. In addition, you’ll keep your mind focused, your muscles working more efficiently and your heart rate going up. All you need to do is guide a school kid’s energy in the break room. Then skip to exercise and you’ll repeat.
Your fast, calorie-popping calisthenics workout
Stand up – it’s time to increase your workout fun. These six exercises will test your speed, strength and coordination. Move 30 to 45 seconds at a time, and stop for up to 30 seconds between movements. Rest 30 to 60 seconds at the end of the track and repeat as many rounds as possible.
1. Quick feet 180 jump
How to: place your feet slightly wider than your hips and quickly step on your foot (a). After about three seconds, push your hips back and squatting your hips down. When you reach the bottom, touch the floor with your hands (b). When you jump, make a 180 degree air turn (3). Gently lean on your feet, knees bent and descend to another squat, touching the floor with the other hand (d). The explosion again, the 180 degree jump back to the front (e). Give it a little light and start buzzing (f) immediately. Repeat.
2. Push-ups press
How to: start from the position of the extension arm plank, and use your feet wider than your hips to expand your support base (a). Perform a push (b). When you reach the top, pull your left arm straight in front of you and use your ears (c) biceps. Put your hands down and then do another push-ups (d). Then use the right arm to execute the punch card (e). Continue alternating stamping, each run.

3. Lunge switch
How to: start standing up. Push your right foot forward, and bend your knees to 90 degrees for a prick (a). Push your right foot forward, push your knee to your chest, and then put it back behind you. The reverse sprint (b) is performed. Then, push away your foot in the air, and your right foot will turn your posture and landing, and then down (c). (d) go forward with your left foot in front of the right. (e) repeat reverse arch and plyo lunges. Continue to alternate the bow, forward, then backward, then a plyo.
4. Plank-Up diagonal jumps
How to: start with extension arm plank position (a). Bend your right elbow and place your forearm on the mat, then your left hand hits the forearm plank (b). Next, straighten your right elbow and return to a high plank (3) on your left. Move your feet to the outside of your right hand and return to the plank position (d). Jump to the outside of your left hand and return to the plank position (e). Repeat the high and low planks, then the diagonal jump.
Burpee skater
How to: start to stand apart from the width of the hip joint (1). Place your hands on the ground, then jump back to the board and be a dummy. Then, quickly jump them back into your hands and explode at the top to perform another jump (b). Next, skip your left foot and put your right foot in the back of your left foot (c). (d). Push your left foot to the right and put your left foot behind your right foot (d). Perform another skater to each side, then repeat burpee (e). Continue alternating between a burpee and two skaters.
6. Squat jump
How to: start to stand apart from the width of the hip joint (1). Squat down to the ground and get your butt on the mat (b). Place your hands vertically on both sides of your body, then roll back and let your feet top (c) from top to top. Roll back to squat and jump to the top (d). Repeat scrolling and squatting.


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