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If you are what you eat and you want to be healthy, what is the food you don’t eat? How do you know what to avoid?
Step # 1 just realized that there’s really unhealthy food – they’re killers!
Some people believe that “you shouldn’t deny yourself”, “everything is moderate,” but the truth is that if you want to be healthy, there are unhealthy foods to avoid. The problem is that most foods don’t eat too good!
So what doesn’t love food? That’s easy. The unhealthy foods avoided on this list have been shown to be a major risk factor:
A stroke,
? diabetes,
? alzheimer’s disease,
? some cancers,
? heart disease.
Avoid eating unhealthy foods to avoid food lists
The list of uneaten foods has been classified into food categories. You should avoid these unhealthy foods as much as possible.
Refined sugar: add sugar and sugar as well as sugar. Learn the names of many different sugars and check all packages, canned and processed foods, such as cereals, meat, bakeries, jams, etc.
Food products: avoid refined grains. These include most bread, biscuits, pasta and breakfast cereals. You can also eliminate cakes, pies, doughnuts, biscuits, croissants, muffins and all pastries and pastries, like potato chips, most snack mixes and butter popcorn.

Fats and oils: limit saturated fats and refined vegetable oils. Eliminate foods that are associated with trans fats and other bad fats. This includes cookies, cakes, pastries, doughnuts, potato chips, Fried foods, candy and most chocolate found in margarine, lard or partially hydrogenated oils.
Meat, poultry and fish: – eliminate the adipose content is higher in saturated fat and other meat – ribs, bacon, sausage, hot dogs, pepperoni, Italian sausage, sausages and other meat packaging and most of the hamburger. Also avoid Fried fish, meat and poultry, and poultry skin.
Dairy products and eggs: cut out the cream and any cream products such as whole cream cheese, sour cream, cream sauce, whipped cream and ice cream. Limit the use of butter, eggs and full-fat cheese, and eliminate full-fat milk, 2% less fat milk and whole yogurt.
Beans, nuts and seeds: stay away from any bean soup or chili that contains sausage, bacon, ham or other high-fat meat. Also avoid all salted nuts and seeds, and bake in oil.
Fruits and vegetables: remove Fried vegetables and fruits, vegetables, butter, cheese or cream sauce and fruit cream or whipped cream. Also avoid fruit drinks and juices. A glass of fruit juice has no fiber and up to 10 teaspoons of high glycemic blood sugar.
Excessive salt: the average salt consumption in the United States is 10-15 grams per day. The national academy of sciences recommends 3-8 grams. Limit your salt intake by half, limit salt, avoid crisps, salted nuts and popcorn, and most prepared canned and packaged foods.
Liquid: avoid all sodas, shakes, fruit juices and fruit drinks, and limit or eliminate caffeine and alcohol altogether.
Your body is an amazing machine with a very systematic network running inside you. Healthy food provides essential nutrients to keep you running smoothly and to prevent failure.
When you know something unhealthy to avoid, start changing your food today instead of eating the best food for your health.


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