The health benefits of walking

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Walking has many health benefits. And walking is easy.
As a child, walking is your first skill. The health benefits of walking exercise are equally important.
Think about how proud you are when you take the first step of your first milestone. If you are still walking, you can be proud of yourself now!
Research on the health benefits of walking shows that daily walking can make a significant difference in life. After all, old-fashioned walking is your body’s most natural form of exercise.
In addition, walking may be one of the easiest, cheapest, safest and most enjoyable things to do to improve your health and fitness levels.
Health benefits of walking exercise research
Many in-depth studies have shown that daily routine exercise can reduce the risk of death by half (from any illness)!
Three miles per hour (3 miles per hour) walking at a speed of at least three and a half hours per week (30 minutes a day) have been shown to significantly reduce diabetes, heart disease, stroke, hip fracture, glaucoma, osteoporosis, cancer, depression, and many other health problems.
Also, as a reward, exercise burns as many calories per mile.
This means that a woman with a medium speed of 140 pounds can burn:
In 30 minutes or 111 calories
222 calories in a 60-minute walk.
Add to that a harvard study that shows the same great health benefits of walking exercise from high-impact cardio or jogging.

7 health benefits of walking
Exercising 30 minutes a day has proven to help you:
1. Achieve and maintain a healthy weight – walking exercise reduces your body fat, increases lean muscle tissue, increases metabolism and burns calories. Combined with a healthy lifestyle and a nutritious diet, walking can help you achieve lasting weight control.
2. To improve blood pressure and cholesterol – daily walking exercise has been shown to reduce high blood pressure, lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and increasing HDL (good) cholesterol as effective, because have unpleasant side effects of dangerous drugs.
3. Reduce and manage type 2 diabetes – take walks to improve your body’s natural ability, process sugar (glucose tolerance), and maintain a healthy weight. This helps prevent or even reverse type 2 diabetes.
4. Reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke – based on a large study of male and female, just walking 30 minutes a day can greatly improve your circulation, and help maintain a healthy heart and blood vessels.
Reduce stress and prevent depression – regular exercise is a great way to improve your mood, breathing, sleep and overall energy, reducing stress, anxiety and depression.
Stay strong, positive and healthy – exercise improves endurance and keeps you healthy as you age. Walking exercises strengthen bones, muscles and joints, which help prevent falls and hip fractures, improve your immune system, and extend your life expectancy.
7. Prevent many other conditions – the list continues. Studies have shown that walking on a regular basis can also relieve arthritis and back pain, and can help prevent osteoporosis, colon and breast cancer, impotence, constipation and many other health problems.
You don’t need a prescription to get all these health benefits. All you need is a commitment, a discipline and a comfortable pair of shoes. Here’s more information about women walking shoes.


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