There is a chance that you get too much vitamin D


Have you tested vitamin D deficiency? According to a recent study in Maine, one in five patients received a single check-up, and one in three had been tested at least twice in three years. It’s crazy, and given the majority, their bones are doing well.
It’s not like vitamin D is snake oil. It helps the body process calcium to strengthen bones. It’s good for the immune system, but according to the New York times, the study didn’t prove conclusively, for example, that it could help prevent cancer or heart disease, although some people made such recommendations. This is not a certain fatigue or depression – although again, some studies may indicate this. For every vitamin D study, there is another claim that supplementation is a waste of time or even harmful.

The only health reason to get the vitamin D test is bone. For example, vitamin D deficiency is associated with r and disease and osteoporosis, but more and more people are testing themselves or through doctors’ recommendations. The national institutes of health says about 20 nanograms per milliliter of vitamin D is healthy enough for humans. However, as The Times reported, laboratory results tell people that vitamin D levels are “inadequate”, even if the level is between 20 and 30 nanograms. Feel defects lead to excessive use of vitamin D supplements, it can improve the level of more than 50 nanogram per milliliter, potentially leading to urinate, nausea and vomiting, and other toxic symptom.
According to the Mayo’s a-clinic guidelines, unless the body is exposed to sunshine, otherwise they will not produce their own vitamin D, and regularly (safety) sunlight will help your body get the right amount of vitamin d. when people don’t often see daylight naturally, low-key supplements may be useful, milk, mushrooms and fatty fish such as salmon and tuna) diet. It’s worth noting the potential vitamin D deficiency, but for the sake of safety it may not be worth swallowing a pill.


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