Hidden BBC agenda? Dr. Yeo gives the answer


Just over a year ago, I was interviewed by Dr. Giles Yeo, attending a famous BBC television programme in the UK on “China studies”. I think it’s going to be a great opportunity to advance information on the health benefits of whole foods and plant-based diets. This way is not in this way, as said in the previous article, I’m for the British broadcasting corporation (BBC) nutrition research website (NutritionStudies.org), “the credibility of you is not good”.

In addition, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn of the Cleveland clinic was interviewed for the project at his home in Cleveland, Ohio. His interview and interviews with three of his patients were deleted from the plan. Dr Esselstyn has written about the BBC’s experience at the BBC, “your credibility is tainted by the second part”.

Twitter also exchanged views with the BBC, Dr Yeo and the centre for nutrition research on the controversial project. You can use hashtag # nCleanEating to view conversations on Twitter.

We now have part 3 of this BBC affair. Dr Yang of the university of Cambridge and the BBC’s friend of his seems intent on misinformation my BBC interview, because they focus on how to promote human health is the prevention and treatment of genetic diseases and the corresponding drug use agenda. In the first few months, I was told by unknown people about a new lecture in Europe, and I heard that CBC of Canada broadcast the BBC interview on state television. Someone told me that Yang said he was letting me admit that I didn’t prove what I was saying. In the end, I learned that a new friend from Britain Gordon Mackenzie (Gordon Mackenzie) has launched an attack upon the film, to the British broadcasting corporation (BBC) authorities issued a challenge, and subsequent to the government media watchdog Ofcom complaints. Every time he was rejected.

Not long after, I got another new friend from Britain, Klaus Mitchell of Plant Based News, who had the opportunity to interview Dr. Yeo at a conference in London. The idea is to question his performance on the BBC. Here are the films that Mitchell and Dr. Young have been interviewing.


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