Australian-made fitness equipment – coming soon!


I just want to share some photos of some of the Australian built fitness equipment that we’re making. We are often asked about equipment made in Australia, but complex machines like complexes can’t compete with Chinese prices. So we decided to roll with some simple designs – we wanted to add these things to our own training.

This is a great little wall-mounted weight rack designed by our good partner graham. His family gym seems to be collapsing, so he needs to come up with an innovative way to store the weight boards.

This is also a good way to get the weight plate close to the machine or the power rack.

We think it’s time for our farmers to walk fair. So we came up with these…

For my family gym, my space is very limited – I don’t have one! So I thought that hanging a long bar on the wall was one of the ways to solve my problem.

Since I’m going to tie things up on the wall, I might as well get some touch handles while I’m drilling out! We modeled these rough plastic models on Powertec power racks

We also have a neat sandbag rack. And I just sent a design for a hexagonal trap.

Hopefully we’ll have some pricing and usability details soon. If you’re interested, just let us know.


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