This is the only way to make an omelet


Alvin Cailan doesn’t offer Fried eggs at Eggslut, his very popular Los Angeles food truck restaurant. “I just came out of the French restaurant and the omelette was a pain to me,” he said. French eggs are too “picky” and American eatery is always cooked, so his purring is the most complicated egg he has to put on the menu. But three years later, from the kitchen to a brick and plaster structure, and cooking with other chefs, kellan put the classic omelette on the paper airplane menu and opened up New York.
The omelette recipe looks easy, with three ingredients and several steps. Not exactly: nail wrist flipping and correct humidity at the top of the furnace trust. Recently, Ms. CAI has made her own “Fried egg carnival.” But it’s worth it. “Once you have a nice, soft Fried egg,” he said, “there’s no other way to eat Fried eggs.

Any high power mixer or mixer and some elbow grease will work. for the sauce, mix two portions of sour cream, a cream cheese and a Mayo until thoroughly mixed. “It’s almost like a fancy ranch without herbs,” says kellan.

Fried eggs
A dozen of eggs
3 TBSP. Butter, melted
In multi-topping sauce
Sour cream
Cream cheese
Whipped cream
Whip eggs and melted butter in Vitamix * until mixture is a uniform color.
Heat a 9-inch pan with medium and low heat, then apply the egg mixture to the bottom of the pan.
Rotate the mixture in the pan until it is frozen for about 2 minutes.
Slowly push the mixture off the bottom of the pot, form a crescent shape, and then quickly flip over to make the dough touch the hot surface of the pan. Cook for about 30 seconds, so the inside is still sticky.
Cook the Fried egg. Serve with scallions and cream with sauce, or with a lot of topdressing.


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