What’s the reason you shouldn’t go to the gym in January


New Year resolutions don’t have to involve a gym.
There are other effective ways to reach your fitness goals.
Changing your diet and exercise regimen is a starting point.
New Year’s eve is coming and there are many discussions about goal setting. A large number of people automatically flock to the gym on January 1 each year to lay the groundwork for fitness goals. However, registering a membership is not entirely necessary because there are other ways to achieve your health and fitness goals.
Speaking of which, you shouldn’t feel compelled to join the gym in January because it’s not a prerequisite for fitness.
Because everyone else is registered as a gym member doesn’t mean you have to – even if you want to lose weight, build muscle, or build endurance. You can incorporate regular exercise and healthy practices into your daily routine without having to purchase expensive membership. New york-based personal trainer Miriam Fried and Gretchen Raddatz tell INSIDER tips and alternatives that can help you get in shape from a comfortable home.
Your diet is definitely an important part of achieving your fitness goals. In fact, losing weight and gaining endurance are all linked to nutrition. That’s why Fried recommends studying meals, making healthy, tasty foods as an alternative to joining the gym.
She said: “a healthy diet is a huge struggle for people. “It’s easy to join the gym, but I find it much more difficult to prepare a schedule for myself.”
Take inspiration from bloggers, use traditions from other countries, or consult dietitians to help you make meal plans. If preparing food isn’t something you’re interested in, you can always look straight at your diet. Raddatz also recommends keeping an eye on your water intake as winter can lead to dehydration.
“Make sure you’re taking your water,” she said. “I know it’s really warm inside, it’s really cold outside, so people tend to drink less water and may be dehydrated.”

Finally decide to go to the dance class you’ve always wanted to try.
INSIDER has previously reported that you need to consume fewer calories to lose weight, so adding exercise will only increase your calorie consumption. The activity you choose doesn’t have to involve a treadmill or a crowded gym. According to Cosmopolitan, dance lessons, cycling, boating and jumping rope are just a few of the more calorie-burning alternatives to running.
Raddatz recommends finding any fun activities that can safely let your heart rate, which may include a few things from your bucket list. For example, if you like fresh air and try snowboarding, try outdoor activities.
The solution extends more.
Stretching and recovery work is part of Fried’s “homework” for her clients, which can easily fit into any routine work and make you healthier.
She said: “buy a foam roller, then every night in your favorite show 20 minutes in the episode, force yourself to sitting in front of the TV set, foam roller or tensile in the whole process. “Start doing this every night and reward yourself with this kind of entertainment or performance while focusing on recovery.”
In fact, flexibility is an important part of overall health and health care. INSIDER has previously reported that stretching can specifically extend your muscles and help prevent injury.
Work out at home.
Fried and many of her clients are in their homes, space and equipment are often limited. However, this does not mean that their daily work is limited. You can use some inexpensive equipment at home to exercise your body.
“If you’re willing to buy equipment like bands, gliders and jump rope, then you can do a full workout,” Fried said. “I can easily put these three pieces of equipment together for exercise, actually, I always put them in my bag, and I use them when I travel.
Getting the habit of lasting health and meeting fitness goals is a personalized learning process. For some, it may include a gym, but others can get fit by exercising at home, outdoors, or even on their favorite TV shows.


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