This is the best way to aim for love handles


Getting rid of those pesky side fat can drive the most suitable people crazy, but targeted exercise programs can eliminate love handles.
There are no specific exercises to get the unqualified love handles, but don’t despair.
“You can’t cut down on fat,” said Dr. David Pearson, professor of exercise physiology and director of the force research laboratory at the university of boulder, indiana. “While there is a lot of exercise that is aimed at the muscles of your love, creating this area will only push the fat farther and make your middle look wider,” pierson said.
So avoid practicing like side bends and side crunches. Instead, focus on losing weight because the extra fat will disappear and your love will disappear. Especially try to focus your weight loss efforts on your cardio boat. Researchers in Ireland recently found that men burn up to 50 percent of their fat when they exercise on a rowing machine instead of stationary. Three times a day, 30 minutes a day can do that.

At the same time, until you do that, as they say: focus on building your laziness, shoulders and back. Beverly Hills, California (Beverly Hills), a certified personal trainer, the Peterson (Gunnar Peterson) said: “this will give you a v-shaped torso, the more clearly you V, your love is not obvious. “Sometimes, the only reason you notice them is because they don’t have a wider range of things.


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