Make you live longer


If you’re a cardiologist, you might want to skip the gym when you’re exercising. Hey, you hit your spin class and your leg hurts. That’s strength training, right? Well, not that much. And according to the new study, it may be time to stop on the legal legs of sk day, because anaerobic exercise (or strength training) may be the secret to longevity.
In a study published in the journal preventive medicine, researchers at the university of Pennsylvania school of medicine found a link between strength training and long life. Although the heart has been shown to reduce cardiovascular disease, alzheimer’s disease and cancer risk, but what about strength training (in contrast to the heart or the overall activity level) can affect your health and longevity is much less research.
In order to study the strength training can affect mortality, the researchers looked at 1997-2001 national health interview survey collected data, with the 2011 of the elderly over the age of 3 years old of above 65 death certificate data. Only 9% reported strength training at least twice a week (come on!). . But those weightlifters had a 46 percent lower risk of early death than those who did not. They also had a 41 percent lower risk of heart death and 19 percent less likely to die from cancer. Even adjusted for other lifestyle factors, such as smoking or drinking alcohol, the results remained.
So what does this mean for the next sweat meeting? Don’t just play the treadmill, then play the locker room. Strengthen one of our strength training, not our bad power training.


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