Ketamine may reduce depression and suicidal thoughts within a few hours


Ketamine, which is known primarily as a party medicine, has emerged in recent years as a promising antidepressant. And while the study is still ongoing, it appears to have quickly reduced the symptoms of depression and has not been helped by traditional antidepressants. Now, in the “American journal of psychiatry published a study found that for those who are suicidal thoughts of depression patients, it may also help alleviate these ideas, faster than anything now.
The study looked at 80 clinical depression at Columbia University medical center and the New York state psychiatric institute. They all have thoughts of suicide, enough to invade the category of clinical suicidal ideation. Participants were randomly assigned to receive a low-dose infusion of ketamine or midazolam, a sedative. During the six weeks of follow-up, participants were given psychiatric care. To measure their depressive symptoms and suicidal thoughts (thoughts or impulses), participants filled out questionnaires, such as the suicidal ideation scale and the beck depression scale.
Participants who received ketamine reported significantly different symptoms in 24 hours compared with those who received imidazole. They reduced suicidal thoughts, depression symptoms and fatigue. In fact, the participants who did not respond to midazolam were subsequently given ketamine, and they showed the same improvement.
And these changes seem to last six weeks. In a few minutes or hours after the ketamine injection, the main side effects are separation-separation and elevated blood pressure.
When researchers scoff at these variables, they found that depressive symptoms of a third of the reduce of suicidal ideation, which suggests that the effect of ketamine on suicide is not only alleviate depression. What else might need to be explored.
The authors wrote: “compared with ketamine, patients with depression were significantly less likely to have suicidal ideation in 24 hours, partially independent of antidepressant effects.

According to the centers for disease control and prevention, suicide rates have increased in the United States in recent years, with suicide rates rising nearly 27 percent between 1999 and 2015. Especially in youth and youth, especially among girls, suicide rates are particularly high.
The study is based on a growing number of literature that suggests ketamine may be a true participant in treatment for depression, which has not changed much over the years. As most people know, general antidepressants may be invalid for some people, for the people who work for them, to find the right person may need several months of time, because they may take a few weeks time. For those who commit suicide, finding faster and more effective treatment is particularly important.
Study author Michael Grunebaum said in a statement: “there is a key window for people with depression who need rapid remission to prevent self-injury. “Currently available antidepressants can effectively reduce suicidal thoughts in patients with depression, but it can take weeks to produce results. The treatment for suicidal depression can quickly and effectively reduce suicidal ideation and the highest risk. ”
More work needs to be done to understand the drug use of ketamine, especially long-term and long-term side effects. Some doctors have already provided ketamine infusion to treat patients with depression, although the FDA has not approved the infusion. People should not use ketamine because the wrong dosage can be harmful, addictive or fatal.
So far, the results have been encouraging and it will be exciting to watch developments. “Grunebaum said:” further research assess depression and suicide resistance effect of ketamine may pave the way for the development of new antidepressants this kind of behavior is faster, and is likely to help those who did not respond to current treatment. “


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