For each troublesome area 3 move


1. Surrender
Target shoulders, waist, hips, quadrilateral
Stand with your feet apart and hold your arms high.
Put your right leg on the floor, then put down your left leg and keep your arms up.
Get up, don’t use your arms, start with your left leg, and then your right leg.
Repeat the sequence, starting with the opposite leg.
Do 10 alternating legs.
Walk on push-ups
2. Walk – about push-ups
Target shoulders, chest, triceps, core
Stand with your feet apart.
Keep your legs straight, bend over, touch the floor in front of you, then reach for the plank position.
Drop your knees and do a push-ups.
Raise your knees, hands on your toes, stand up.
Make 10 representatives.
Superman Delte Flye
Superman and rear Delt Flye
Target shoulders, waist, quadrilateral
Lie on the floor, legs close together, stretched behind you, hands holding a dumbbell, palms down.
Extend your arms directly to the sides to form a T.
Lift your chest and legs from the floor, squeeze your shoulder blades, lift your arms, and pull the dumbbell to the ceiling. Hold 3 breaths; Reduced.
Make 10 representatives.
Jumping bow
1. The jump
Target butt, thigh, hamstring, calf
Move your left leg forward, put your right leg back in place and keep your left knee straight on the ankle.
Exhale and jump and put your legs in the air so your right leg moves forward and your left leg comes back when you land.
Get into shock.
Make 10 representatives.
Plank, up

2. The Plank – Up
Target shoulders, chest, triceps, abs, waist
Start from the plank position (your wrists are under your shoulders, your legs are in your back, your abs are absorbed and your toes are hidden below).
Place your right elbow, forearm and hand on the floor, and your elbows directly under your shoulders.
Repeat on the left side. Then straighten your right arm and place your right hand on the floor. Repeat on the left side.
Make six representatives and alternate sides.
The backside of the shoulder news
3. Back shoulder pressure
Target shoulders, chest, triceps, abs, waist, hip, hamstring
Stand on your right leg and hold dumbbells in your hands.
Bend forward, press the left heel forward, and press the dumbbells forward, keeping the arm close to the ear until the arms and body are parallel to the ground. Take a breath.
Return to start. The calf.
Do 15 on the switch side. Repeat.
Add jump squat
1. Aggravated squat
Target abs, buttocks, hamstrings, thighs, calves
Start with a full push-ups to balance each hand’s dumbbell.
Bend your knees, your feet toward your hand, and fall into a squat.
From here, jump up and hold the dumbbells on both sides.
The land crouched down.
Put your hands on the floor and jump back to the beginning.
Make 10 representatives.
The biceps curl
2. Biceps curl
Target biceps, absolutely
Begin complete push-ups, each hand a dumbbell.
Balance your toes and your right hand, curl your left hand with your shoulders and keep your elbows.
Slowly lower the dumbbell and repeat with your right hand.
Do 10, alternate sides.
The dumbbell chest Flye
Dumbbell chest is tight with pike
Target chest, abs
On top of the mat, your legs are close together and your feet are upright on the hips and toes.
Hold the dumbbells on your chest, arms outstretched, palms opposite.
When inhaling, reduce the weight of both sides and legs to about 1 foot above the ground.
Exhale, lift both legs and arms to begin.
Make 10 representatives.


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