The Best Inner-Thigh Exercises of All Time


JKConditioning’s strength coach and owner, jon-erik Kawamoto, said the exercise provides a unique training stimulus for the lower body that shapes the hips and thighs from every angle.

To do this: feet wider than shoulder width, arms relaxed. As far as possible to the left squat, right toe up at the same time, straight right foot (right leg stays straight, the trunk tilted forward slightly to maintain balance). Straighten your arms from your shoulders. Back to the starting position, on the other side to complete a representative 2-4 groups of 8 to 12 times.
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Jessica Matthews, a sports physiologist at the American Council on exercise, said the campaign effectively targets the inner thigh muscles while also increasing your general and heart rate (which means Burning calories more).

Do it: stand with your feet together and take a deep breath. As you exhale, jump from the sky with your arms crossed over your head. From there, the scissors legs, cross left leg forward right, left arm cross right in chest level. Repeat immediately, alternating each time.
Matthews suggests taking this action as part of the circuit and completing 30-45 seconds before transitioning to the next intensity move. (Need ultra-high speed exercise? This thigh medial exercise only takes 5 minutes.

You do not need to spend too much time shaping your legs, especially inside the thigh. The low-impact action comes from Barre3 trainer Sadie Lincoln, Element Star: Barre Adjusting DVDs.
What to do: Stand the forearm with a solid chair or table, and gently hold it with your right hand. Separate your feet from your hips and your toes straight forward. Place a soft ball (or pillow of similar size) inside the thigh. Left hand on the hips, lift the heel, balance feet. Curve your knees and lower it by about an inch (imagine sliding an imaginary wall back down). Press the inside of the thigh into the ball, the shoulders stacked in the hips, buttocks stacked on the ankle, the core tight.
Raise the buttocks, lift the left arm, squeeze the ball with the thigh inside. Repeat next inch. Do it 30 times, then turn around and repeat on the other side. (Then try the other inner and outer thigh exercises in the barre class.)

“I like the sport because it not only aims at the inside of the thigh but also exercises your core, buttocks and the entire lower body,” said Michelle Dozois, a fitness trainer and fitness trainer. “It is effective in muscle building while boosting strength, range of movement and endurance.”
To do this: stand tall, feet together, head on the arm. Bend the spine laterally so that the arms and shoulders extend to the left when the hips swing to the right.
Arms up or down, to the right semicircle, left leg sprint to one side. In the deep side of the land, left hand on the thigh, right hand touchdown. Push the floor off the ground and loop your head around the arm to tilt your left foot to the right. Do 10 representatives; repeat on the opposite side.
In addition to targeting the inside of the thigh, the support for scissor-like exercises in this exercise also forces your arms, chest, core and buttocks into contact, says Kim Truman, a sports trainer and owner of the Golden Truman fitness club.
To do this: Starting from a full-board location, place each foot on a folded towel, cardboard or slider. Maintain the stability of the upper body, slide the feet apart, as far as possible to open his legs, and then slowly squeeze the inside of the thigh, let your feet slide together again. Do two groups of 15 each and take a break when needed.
Frog bending is an ideal exercise when you lack time or travel. You just have to use gravity to resist resistance – no gear needed, Vera Musgrove said she is Shazzy Fitness’s star: on the starting DVD.

To do this: Lay down, legs straight, straight in the hips, feet bent, heels together, toes outward.

Slowly bend your knees to the sides, then straighten and use your thigh muscles to control the movement. Do three groups of 12 times, rest between each group.

This isolated, small-area exercise movement is a great choice for very weak thigh medial muscles or injuries to the groin, says Michelle Olsen, PhD, associate professor of Huntington College Sports Science in Montgomery. Plus, it’s easy to learn that you can do it almost anywhere.

To do this: place a small ball between the ankles (which can be a soft weight ball, inflatable ball, or medicine ball, but a softer ball more comfortable) and on the right with a curved right arm support head. Bend down and hold the floor in front of his chest to help stabilize the body.


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