15 minutes of home exercise to survive


For most people, holidays mean many travel, food and to-do lists … and time for exercise, space or energy. However, your exercise does not need to be arranged according to the season, and the exercise consists of five exercises (all from 365 daily sessions).
Body weight is usually low impact, so do not disturb people jumping around. And you do not need any equipment. In addition, you will move up and down with each muscle in every efficient exercise. You only need 15 minutes and a cushion size of space. Follow FAM or later gatherings, or better yet, both.
You need to do homework for this holiday season.
Perform the following combination exercises every 40 seconds. Rest for 20 seconds between exercises – or skip breathing, and if you have stamina, move on. Repeat the circuit at least twice, three times.

1. Out of your shoulder

How to: Stand on your feet (A). Reach the ground (keep your legs straight) and stretch your hands to a high position (b). Tap your left shoulder with your right hand and tap your right shoulder with your left hand. Keep your hips stable with your legs, abdomen and buttocks (c). (D). Put your hand back and stand up (D). repeat.

2. Pull forward

How to start standing, toes wider than the buttocks, pointed toes. Straighten your arms (a). (B) Pull the elbow down and pull back (2). Stand up and put your arms on your head (c). Next, place your arm down on the shoulder, bend and bend your knees to 90 degrees (d). Stand up and empty your arm (e). Repeat turns and sprint, this time to the left (F). Continue alternating between each sprint.

Random drilling

How to: Start to stand slightly wider than your hips Clench your fist like a boxer (1). Press your foot to the left (b). Use your hips to help push the movement, and push your right arm outward with your palms facing down. Then quickly put your fist back on your face (c). (D) Slide two steps to the right. Left arm was hit to the left, palms down, and then quickly fist back to face (E). repeat.

4. Practice lunge and curved lines

How to: Start to stand with your feet staggered, knees on the left front left. Swing your hips forward about 45 degrees and straighten your arms in front of you (1). Pull your elbows back, close to your body and push back until done (b). Jump to your feet and bend your right leg forward (c). Repeat (d). Continue alternating at each sprint.

5. Boat to the side board

How to: Start sitting on the mat. Tilt about 45 degrees back, legs straight to your table position. You should bend (knees) on your knees. Roll to the left with your side panel, with your legs straight, with your elbows down, and a straight line from shoulder to hip to ankle (B). Back to your hips and hit the boat again (3). Then roll to the right to play the side panel (D). Repeat to execute the position between each side panel.


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